Layout - 'Rickmansworth Church Street'

Rickmansworth Church Street

An N gauge railway and canal layout, 7'3" x 3'6", analogue control with automated semaphore signalling.

Inspired by Rickmansworth Church Street Station and Batchworth Locks (Grand Union Canal).

This layout is still a work in progress - more images of this layout will be uploaded when it's finished.

Baseboards.  Birch Ply, CNC cut.  Two sections.  Standard SMR box design plus backboards and Polycarbonate front panel.

Track.  Peco code 55.  Point motors - Cobalt, with panel switches.

Controllers (anologue).  Guagemaster.  Automatic switching through points to allow through routes without changing controller. Electronics - Heathcote electronics.

Signals.  Built using MSE parts.  Automatic operation, train controlled, interlocked with points.  Servos, control boards, infra-red train detectors and electronics - Heathcote Electronics.

Buildings.  Graham Farish and others, suitably modified and repainted.  Croxley Great Barn and parallel building - scratch built.

Station platform.  Peco edging, Slaters paving.

Bridges.  Canal, road and rail bridges - all scratchbuilt.  Lattice footbridge - bespoke etched brass with 4D Modelshop.  Tunnel portals - scratchbuilt (brick) and Peco (stone).

Canals and gravel pits.  Lock chambers and gates - bought.   All other features scratch built.  Water - Woodland Scenics Realistic Water.

Fences.  Trackside post and rail fencing - bespoke etched brass in conjunction with 4D Modelshop.  Other fencing amd railings - Ratio, Scale Link, Plastruct.

Hedges.  K&M, 4D Modelshop, Hekilaub.

Trees.  4D Modelshop.

Grass.  Scatter material - 4D Modelshop, Woodland Scenics.

Lights.  Evemodel, Viessmann.