Layout - 'Ouse Valley Viaduct'

A Scenic Model Railways Layout -

Ouse Valley Viaduct

We have recently extended 'Ouse Valley Viaduct' into an L shaped layout, converted it to DCC, and built 'cartridge' type fiddle yards.  

See - Four Oaks.

Ouse 08

Completed November 2007.

An 11ft 6in x 18in finescale modern image layout with the flavour of the Uckfield branch line in Sussex.

5ft 6in scenic section – single track with viaduct crossing a river, country lane and farm land.
3ft fiddle yards on each end.

Analogue control (Gaugemaster), push button route selection, automatic 2 aspect signal with feather (Eckon signal with Heathcote Electronics infra-red train detection).

Track-work – (scenic section) SMP Finescale Flexitrack;  (fiddle yards) Peco code 100 with SEEP point motors.


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