Layout - 'Shillingstone'

a  scenic model railways  layout – 

An 00 gauge tabletop layout, 7' x 4'6", based on Shillingstone station on the S&DJR.  DCC.
Baseboards - birch ply (CNC cut) - standard scenic model railways design.  In three sections.
Trackwork - Peco setrack points with Code 100 flexitrack.
Ballast - Woodland Scenics light grey, weathered by airbrush.
Point motors - SEEP.
Controller - Bachmann Dynamis DCC.
Buildings and structures -
- Station buildings and goods shed - Bachmann Scenecraft 'Shillingstone' buildings, modified and improved.  Store hut - scratch built.
- Yard crane - Bachmann Scenecraft.
- Bridges and the Blandford Forum Viaduct - scratch built.
Station lamps - RMLectronics.
Signals - Made from Model Signal Engineering (MSE) componants.  Actuators - Tortoise, manually switched from the control panel.
TreesRealistic Modelling Services.  'The Shillingstone tree' was commissioned as a one off.
Shrubbery - Hekiflor.  
Grass - Noch static grass with Greenscene wild flowers.
Garden Plants - Realistic Modelling Services, Noch Laser Cut Minis, and Hekiflor.
Fencing - largely scratch built, with some Ratio and others.
Tractor - kit built - Springside.
Other Vehicles - Classix and Base Models